DIY B-roll Filming Workshop
for Lovely Giants' Special Clients


To Learn To Film Effective B-Roll Footage For An Event Featuring A Speaker And Audience.

What is

B-roll is supplemental footage that adds depth to the storytelling in video production. It typically includes various shots that are not the primary action but help build the narrative or atmosphere, such as audience reactions, venue settings, and other details.


1. Recommended Equipment
2. Camera Settings
3. Practice Filming
4. Feedback Cycles

For the best experience, please access this page using a desktop computer. This page is not available on mobile devices.


Camera Equipment Rental‚Äč

Rent the following equipment from a equipment rental shop such as Lichtblick Konstanz:

- Camera: Canon R6
- Lens: 24-70mm f/2.8 (ideal for versatile shooting conditions)
- Support: A tripod


Get to know your camera

Follow the instructions provided in this video to configure your camera settings for optimal recording.
Set the quality of the youtube video at 1080p before watching.


Practice Filming

Learn Shot Sizes

Shot size refers to how much of your subject(s) and surroundings are visible in the frame.

- Wide shots: These show the overall scene and set the context.
- Mid shots: These focus on a smaller area or group to balance detail and context.
- Close-Up shots: These closely focus on subjects to capture emotions and reactions.

Learn how to Use both handheld and tripod setups.

Shot Variety: Aim to get wide, medium, and tight shots to provide depth to your B-roll.
Camera Movement: Ensure movements are smooth. Practice panning and tilting techniques to add dynamism to your footage without compromising on stability.

Watch the following handheld filming tutorials for practical tips. (40 Min)

Learn how to film an event video (watch until 06:00)


Footage Review& Feedback

We will schedule a video call where you will present your footage, and I will provide specific feedback to help you refine your skills.

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